📝 Episode 45: Lauren Sapala (INFJ), part 5: Addiction & Codependency

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Part 5 of a conversation series Lauren Sapala (INFJ). Today's theme: Addiction & Codependency

📝 Episode 45: Lauren Sapala (INFJ), part 5: Addiction & Codependency

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👤 Lauren's bio

Lauren is a writer, writing coach, and an INFJ. She also wrote the book The INFJ Writer, Firefly Magic and The INFJ Revolution, books for intuitive introverts, HSPs, empaths and all other sensitive, struggling artists | Lauren's website

📝 Summary

  • Why addiction & codependency seem to be a common thing amongst INFs and intuitives
  • How the two themes are intertwined with one another
  • The different ways they can 'show up' in our lives
  • Our personal experiences with addiction & codependency, and what has helped us move through these behaviours & patterns
  • How money-based attitudes are linked to codependency
  • Spirituality, God and religion

Peg Cheng / Rebel Millionaire

Rick Levine (astrologer): Instagram | Patreon | Twitter | YouTube

The Codependency Manifesto (by Lisa Romano)

Writing to Awaken (by Mark Matousek)

Gary Snyder (poet of 'the Beat Generation')

A Course in Miracles (by Helen Schucman)

Marianne Williamson

Overcoming Underarning (by Barbara Stanny)

Earn What You Deserve (by Jerrold Mundis)

Mind Over Money (by Brad & Ted Klontz)

Untrue (by Wednesday Martin)

Blessed are the Weird (by Jacob Nordby)

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