Episode 46: Masterminds / setting the scene

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Episode 46: Masterminds / setting the scene


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šŸ“ Shownotes

Jas sets the scene for the forthcoming INF Club Mastermind Placement programme, narrating his August 2016 blog post: WDS 2016: the experience of a lifetime.

Here's the original post with links: https://medium.com/@Jasraj0/wds-2016-the-experience-of-a-lifetime-e2a5f301095b

And here's the Jonathan Field & Scott Dinsmore conversations I mentioned (one of my all-time favourites!): https://youtu.be/ZokExvvVWbw



šŸ‘¤ Jas Hothi is an INFP, writer & multi-passionate. He curates INF Club, where you can find resources for creative INFPs + INFJs + iNtuitives, and an accompanying newsletter.

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