Episode 47: Jacob Nordby (INFJ) on using journalling to reconnect with himself

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Episode 47: Jacob Nordby (INFJ) on using journalling to reconnect with himself


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Jacob Nordby is a writer living in Boise, Idaho. You might find him on a trail in the nearby foothills or typing away in the quietest corner of a coffee shop downtown. Learn more about his books, speaking, online courses, and creative guidance sessions by visiting www.jacobnordby.com.

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Connect with Jacob

Facebook profile: https://www.facebook.com/jacobnordby
Facebook page: https://en-gb.facebook.com/author.jacobnordby/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jacobnordby/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/JacobNordby

Key points

  • Jacob's experiences being home-schooled and growing up in a strict religious environment
  • Jacob's previous corporate life, and the retreat which marked a turning point
  • Jacob's model for self-discovery, his 'Creative Self Journal', and how he currently uses journalling in his own life
  • Jacob's new book, The Creative Cure

What we talk about

  • What this last 'pandemic year' has been like for Jacob
  • "A walled garden": looking back on Jacob's schooling and religious upbringing, and how he now reflects back on them
  • On 'cults' and 'cultures'
  • Jacob's previous (outwardly) "successful" life, and how he actually felt (inwardly)...
  • ... and how his life began to change, starting with a retreat a colleague invited him to
  • The 'number' in Jacob's head that he was aiming for, and setting goals that aren't coming from our 'true self'
  • Jacob's model for 'self-discovery' -> self acceptance -> transformation, and the tips he has for his daughter
  • Jacob's tips for his daughter, and the 'intuitive' vs 'sensor' mix within his family
  • How journalling became a lifeline & helped Jacob re-connect with himself
  • Jacob's 'Creative Self Journal' (downloaded by thousands of people), and he personally journals/checks-in with himself these days
  • 'The Creative Cure' - what his new book is all about, in Jacob's words

Cal Newport
Deep Work (book)

Carl Junk
- wiki

Abraham Maslow
- wiki

Jas Hothi
- My story so far / quitting the familiar, corporate path for something bigger (Medium post)
- My theory of recruitment (Medium post)

Jacob Nordby
- A post on self-discovery, self-acceptance & transformation
- Creative UnBootcamp (event)
- Creative Self Journal (free e-book)

Myers-Briggs Foundation
- How Frequent Is My Type (statistics)

Julia Cameron
- The Artist’s Way (book)
- Morning Pages aka ‘stream of consciousness writing’ (tool/exercise)

Intelligent Change
- Five-Minute Journal (tool/journal)

Bessel van der Kolk
- The Body Keeps the Score



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