Episode 51: Chrissa Trudelle (INFP) on integrating 'productivity' and 'exploration'

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Episode 51: Chrissa Trudelle (INFP) on integrating 'productivity' and 'exploration'

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I'm a writer, an editor, and a creative coach based out of Incline Village in Lake Tahoe. She loves using words to capture emotions and bring stories, ideas, and people to life.

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Connect with Chrissa

Website: chrissatrudelle.com
Twitter: twitter.com/trudellechrissa
Instagram: instagram.com/chrissatrudelle/
Facebook: facebook.com/chrissa.trudelle

What we talk about

  1. Chrissa's eventful year (a career shift, moving state and getting married)
  2. Chrissa's previous career in physical therapy, and the opportunity the pandemic presented to make a career change
  3. The challenges of going from 'employed work' to 'doing your own thing'
  4. How Chrissa & Jas structure their day around their energy cycles
  5. The lifestyle benefits of being in 'flow', and why Chrissa is fascinated by this concept
  6. Digital minimalism: on using our devices and social media
  7. On feeling frazzled and our lived experiences when working in our unfulfilling 9-to-5 jobs
  8. Consuming information, single-tasking, making good decisions for ourselves, and the margins of the day
  9. On navigating daily life together in a relationship
  10. The strands to Chrissa's business, the services she offers, what lights her up the most, and what the future might look like for her
  11. Chrissa's interest in balancing/integrating 'high performance and productivity' vs 'being whimsical & exploring'

Steven Kotler
- website / Flow for writers (workshop) Ā 

Cal Newport
- website / Deep Work (book)

John Mark Comer
- website / The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry (book)

- CliftonStrengths (test)

James Clear
- website / Atomic Habits (book)

Amanda Linehan
- website / articles on 'productivity'
- Productivity for INFPs: book / mini-course
- episode #19: Amanda Linehan on productivity for INFPs

Darcy Ritt
- episode 30: Darcy Ritt (INFP) on travel, freelancing & the importance of routine

Yoga With Adriene
- YouTube channel



A view from Chrissa's workspace / makeshift 'studio'

šŸ‘¤ Jas Hothi is an INFP, writer & coach. He curates INF Club, a place for INFP & INFJ writers and creatives. Subscribe to the INF Club newsletter, to receive his free colour e-book 'Happier' and start your growthful journey.

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