Episode 53: Shelly Francis (INFJ) on having the courage to write and market your books

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Episode 53: Shelly Francis (INFJ) on having the courage to write and market your books

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Shelly Francis is an author, author-coach and publisher. She founded Creative Courage Press in 2020, inspired by the people who she met while writing a book called The Courage Way. Shelly lives in the high-desert of Colorado in the US, although she loves road trips and working from anywhere. Shelly is an INFJ.

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Connect with Shelly

Website: CreativeCouragePress.com | bio
Books: The Courage Way and Damocles' Wife
Twitter: twitter.com/ShellyLFrancis
Instagram: instagram.com/ShellyLFrancis
Facebook: facebook.com/ShellyLFrancis

What we talk about

  1. Shelly's life & background so far (sabbatical, nomading and road trips)
  2. The shortcomings of traditional/mainstream publishing, and how publishing has now changed thanks to technology
  3. The opportunities now available to writers, and why self-publishing is a great fit for INFs/iNtuitives & introverts
  4. Distributing your writing; choosing the social media channel that fits you & your personality, and sowing the seeds to connect with your readers
  5. On the power of writing in a group, and asking for the type of feedback you are looking for, so that the book we are writing comes from our heart
  6. Shelly's advice for first-time authors, when it comes to balancing the 'creating' and the 'marketing' pieces
  7. How the launch for my own book, The Indie Author, is shaping up.
  8. Shelly's books, how she manages her projects, and what's on the horizon for her

The Circle of Trust Approach (Parker J. Palmer) Ā 

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Mobius Strip (wikipedia)

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Lynnda Pollio / Trusting the Currents



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