Episode 57: Leslie McDaniel on using your personality type for a more meaningful life

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Episode 57: Leslie McDaniel on using your personality type for a more meaningful life

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I help creative and ambitious personality types (including INFJs) to tap the potential of their personality to live a more purposeful life.

Personality type


Connect with Leslie

Website: lesliemcdaniel.com
Instagram: @TheINFJLife

What we talk about

  1. Using personality typing as a tool for growth
  2. Why Leslie quit her job and started a business
  3. Myers-Briggs vs Enneagram; what each 'system' offers, the differences, how they can complement one another, and trends/patterns
  4. Cognitive functions and the nuances (everyone has an iNtuitive and a Sensing side)
  5. The importance of remaining 'open' when it comes to understanding your personality
  6. Leslie's advice for discovering your "true" type
  7. How Leslie is creating her business in her way, and what this looks like
  8. How Leslie uses her extroverted feeling when it comes to scheduling her newsletters
  9. Leslie's course & community for those wanting to use their personality type for a more meaningful and purposeful life, and how it came about



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