Episode 62: Lauren Sapala (INFJ) on writing

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Episode 62: Lauren Sapala (INFJ) on writing

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๐Ÿ‘ค Lauren's bio

Lauren is a writer, writing coach, and an INFJ. She also wrote the book The INFJ Writer, Firefly Magic and The INFJ Revolution, books for intuitive introverts, HSPs, empaths and all other sensitive, struggling artists | Lauren's website


"After a heartbreaking experience in college when a creative writing professor told me that I should โ€œgive up writingโ€ and find something to do at which I might actually be successful, I stopped writing for seven years. It was only when I stumbled upon an unconventional writing group based on the format of Alcoholics Anonymous that I started writing again and discovered my own creative gifts."

-extract from LaurenSapala.com/about

๐Ÿ“ Summary

  • Tools for changing the 'stories' you tell yourself
  • Lauren's journey from alcoholism to sobriety & re-discovering writing
  • Why Lauren really needed her silent writing group when she started writing again
  • "Breathing out our stuff" / why Lauren writes
  • Focusing on writing for yourself vs being a full-time author or making an income from it
  • The job Lauren worked whilst she was writing & blogging, & how Lauren has set up her business
  • The types of genre INFPs & INFJs seem to be particularly drawn to

The Power Path (website), by Jose & Lena Stevens

Toltec culture (wiki)

Aquarian Wisdom Festival (website)

Sandra Ingerman (website) / Soul Retrieval (+ other books)

Hank Wesselman (website)

Byron Kadie (website) / Loving What Is (+ other books)

Charles Bukowski

HonestRox (website), by Roxana Alexandru (INF Club)

The Courage Way (book), by Shelly Francis (INF Club)

Rudolf Steiner (wiki)

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