Episode 63: Laurence Warner aka Cerulean (ENFJ) on creating & sharing his music as an independent artist

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Episode 63: Laurence Warner aka Cerulean (ENFJ) on creating & sharing his music as an independent artist

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Bonus [audio]: Laurence & I discuss micro.blog

In Laurence's own words...

I'm Cerulean, an independent Performing Artist, born Laurence Warner in Eastleigh, a small town on England's South Coast. I make pop music for your ears AND your brain (and sometimes even your funny bone too)! I'm proudly #SavvyIndie, but I love to collaborate with creatives across The Arts & Tech to put on a show.

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Connect with Laurence

Websites: LaurenceWarner.com & CeruleanSounds.com
Micro blog: micro.blog/warner
Twitter: @CeruleanSounds
Instagram: @CeruleanSounds

FirstWeek flipPhone: https://flipph.one/

What we talk about

  • Laurence’s music-making process
  • Making money from your art
  • Is Laurence an extrovert or an ambivert?
  • Laurence’s back-story, his small-town roots & why he moved to London
  • The “organic” journey of the indie artist
  • Why Laurence makes music, and the magic of “sonic experiences” (music) vs verbal (words)
  • Who is Cerulean? (aka Laurence’s artist name)
  • Laurence’s new single “Island” / adding character to express truth
  • Using the internet to share your authentic expression with other people... / ... but in an intentional way: ‘first week flipphone’, micro.blog & social media
  • Intentional tech: ‘first week flipphone’, micro.blog & social media
  • Laurence’s advice for indie musicians promoting their work
  • Laurence's unconventional advice for managing your social media habits (firstweek.flipph.one)
  • Introducing SavvyIndie / The Indie Author book / theThe joy of being an ‘independent artist’ vs going ‘traditional’
  • Laurence’s plans for Savvy Indie: a community for independent musicians / music artists
  • Why (committed) creatives should have their own website
  • Some of Laurence’s favourite ‘indie’ folks

Lauren Sapala
- website

Charles Bukowski
- wiki

Russell Kane
- Extroverts vs Introverts: part 1 (podcast)

Chris Porter
- website

The Notorious B.I.G.
- wiki
- Biggie: I Got a Story to Tell (Netflix)

Fulbright Program
- wiki

- website
- @manton
- @jean

Rosie Sherry
- website
- The freedom to quit (article)

Gary Vaynerchuk
- wiki

Alfie Templeman
- wiki

Jordan Peterson
- wiki
- youtube

Charlie Mackesy
- wiki
- instagram

Phoebe Bridgers
- wiki
- website


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ps. You might also enjoy listening to our follow-up conversation, talking about micro.blog, here

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