Episode 65 - Rick Rigdon (INFJ) on starting his 'Mystical Bear' blog to overcome PTSD, depression & anxiety

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Episode 65 - Rick Rigdon (INFJ) on starting his 'Mystical Bear' blog to overcome PTSD, depression & anxiety

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In Rick's own words...

"I'm a 63 year-old gay man who lives with my spouse of 26 years in Everett, Washington. (We've officially been married for 8 years after marriage equality passed in the US). I'm an INFJ who's a semi-retired web developer. This past year, I created a blog (Mystical Bear) where I document my experiences of using the writing of a novel as a tool to help overcome depression, anxiety, and PTSD that I've experienced most of my life."

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Connect with Rick

Website: MysticalBear.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rick.rigdon/

What we talk about

  • Rick's story with PTSD, depression & anxiety
  • Rick's experiences with conventional therapy / what worked for him & what didn't
  • Flashbacks & a painful break-up / on unhappy experiences & mental health stuff
  • How holotropic breathwork helped Rick (& others in his group)
  • Rick's current outlook on his depression
  • The importance of having a creative outlet to manage his depression (+ some of the jobs Rick has had)
  • Rick's fiction project / the origins of the story he is writing
  • Rick's relationship with his father
  • Rick's experiences with blogging
  • On writing for ourselves, authenticity, and sharing what we write online
  • Why Rick decided to start his Mystical Bear blog
  • How sharing his experiences through writing online has helped him thus far

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