Episode 67 - Elizabeth Miner on writing & self-publishing her new book as a full-time nomad

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Episode 67 - Elizabeth Miner on writing & self-publishing her new book as a full-time nomad

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In Elizabeth's own words

"Global business coach, international speaker, digital nomad, and author Elizabeth Miner has learned true sustainable success relies on understanding the human engine running a business.

Combining her 20+ years as a corporate paralegal with coaching clients around the globe, she has a unique worldview of entrepreneurship. Elizabeth recognized distinct patterns in the success and failure of business owners and has been piecing together where traditional education has failed entrepreneurs.

When she’s not writing or helping business executives thrive in the face of persistent change, Elizabeth hosts her own podcast, entrepreneurs IRL, sharing real life stories of those along the entrepreneurial journey. She has been featured on podcasts including Entrepreneur on Fire and The Conscious Millionaire, and has been published by She is Fierce!, Rank & File Magazine and Mike Dooley’s personal development site Tut."

Connect with Elizabeth

Instagram: @ElizabethMinerOfficial
Twitter: @ElizabethLMiner
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/minerelizabeth

What we talk about

  • Elizabeth back-story, "year of retirement" + journey to becoming a full-time nomad
  • How Elizabeth's blog became a coaching business, and how this has evolved as a remote business
  • 'The Entrepreneur Advantage': Elizabeth's new book, deciding to self-publish and the process of putting it together
  • Why I'm so excited about Elizabeth's book!!
  • "Getting things done" whilst being a nomad / how Elizabeth structures her days
  • Elizabeth's book tour to promote 'The Entrepreneur Advantage'
  • and more!

World Domination Summit (website)

Live Your Legend (blog)

Belize (wiki)

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