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1. Activate your membership

Click the button in the auto-email you will have received, in order to activate your subscription.

2. Join the forum

a) You'll need to register for the Discourse forum, using the link below.
b) Here's a short video explaining how to get started on Discourse

Here's your special invite link: https://community.infclub.net/invites/81f4a0b5651132fb41d64368eddb851d

This is a secret members-only link, so please don’t share this with anyone else.

3. Join an online event

Keep an eye on the newsletter for the latest livestreams and workshops.

4. Access the Members' Hub

Recordings for previous online events, all in one handy place.

👉 Go to the Members' Hub

If you need any help or would like to get in touch, you can reach me at: jas@infclub.net

I hope you find your membership worthwhile.


PS. You might wish to bookmark/save the the link to this page for future reference. Please don't share this with anyone else, though, as these are all things that are exclusive to INF Club members.

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